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Characteristics of BT, SK and HSK toolholders


When a certain holding force is applied to HSK or cat / SK / BT, the stability of HSK in the radial direction is five times or even higher than that of cat / SK / BT, as follows. Therefore, compared with cat / SK / BT, HSK's high radial stability makes it more suitable for heavy cutting, high feed milling and hole lining. In addition, the radial stability also helps to improve the overall rigidity. The higher the rigidity of the whole cutting system, the higher its internal natural frequency will be. Therefore, it helps to reduce the occurrence of natural resonance under high-speed rotation, so that the HSK toolholder is suitable for higher speed. In addition, high stability and rigidity can reduce the occurrence of vibration, so it is more suitable for high-precision machining and finishing.

In addition, HSK has a protruding edge which can make axial contact with the spindle, so its axial rigidity in the spindle direction can ensure that it is kept at a fixed point when lining holes or holes. In addition, the axial holding force of HSK is twice that of cat / SK / BT, and because of the 1:10 taper and high friction of HSK, it will lead to a self-locking effect. Therefore, the holding power of HSK is obviously higher than that of cat / SK / BT.

2. Torsion
HSK is designed with two areas to generate friction, so its torque transmission will be higher than BT / sk. The first area is the contact surface between the spindle and the toolholder; the second area is the clamping surface of the toolholder and the deformable part of the spindle clamping mechanism. When using HSK system, there are three options to meet the need of torque:
Type A and type C toolholders are suitable for general torque and high speed
Type B and D toolholders are suitable for high torque and general high speed
The E-type and F-type toolholders are suitable for low torque and ultra-high speed

3. Precision
Because the taper wall of HSK can be elastically deformed, the cutter bar of HSK can make radial contact with the spindle along the taper and make axial contact at the protruding edge at the same time. Therefore, the axial and radial accuracy of HSK can be kept within 0.003mm. However, cat / SK / BT can keep the same accuracy as HSK in radial direction because it has only taper contact surface, but the axial accuracy has a variation of 0.1 mm. In addition, when milling, the axial force will affect the axial accuracy of cat / SK / BT, so the machining accuracy cannot be improved. On the contrary, HSK can reduce the influence of axial force on precision in finishing because of the convex edge between spindle and tool bar.

Applicability under various cutting conditions:
According to the needs of processing, HSK has six different types of toolholder and spindle to choose from - type A and C can be used for general processing (type A is used for automatic tool change, type C is used for manual tool change); type B and D can be used for processing with little change in speed but high torque transmission; similarly, type B is used for automatic tool change, and type D is used for manual tool change; Finally, the E and F models are recommended for low torque, ultra-high speed and automatic tool change machining. Because of the balance problem, HSK is geometrically symmetric.
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