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Do you know the application and product characteristics of high speed toolholder


Facing the challenge of flexible and efficient production in modern manufacturing industry, the increasingly fierce market competition and the pressure of reducing manufacturing cost, high-speed machining has become the key point to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing industry. High speed machining is different from traditional machining. In contrast, the high-speed machining spindle speed is high, the cutting feed speed is high, and the cutting amount is small, but the material removal amount per unit time is increased by 3-6 times. With high efficiency, high precision and high surface quality as its basic characteristics, it has been more and more widely used in automobile industry, aerospace, mold manufacturing, electronic industry and instrument industry, and is an important part of modern advanced manufacturing technology.

High speed cutting technology can effectively shorten the production cycle and reduce the processing cost. However, in the actual processing, sometimes its processing effect does not reach the expected goal. Of course, there are many reasons, but one of the key factors is that the TOOL HOLDER matching with the high-speed spindle is not correctly selected. If the high-speed operation of the machine tool spindle does not have the appropriate Tool Holder, not only can not achieve the expected performance, but also may damage the precision bearing of the machine tool spindle and reduce the service life of the machine tool. If you want to ensure satisfactory machining accuracy in high-speed machining, you have to choose the appropriate tool holder, which often fails to attract people's attention. However, as an important tool holder connecting the machine tool spindle and cutting tool, whether the manufactured parts meet the requirements of relevant standards or become defective products, whether the cutting tools used will wear rapidly and Whether it can be used for a long time plays a decisive role in whether the cutting tool used can achieve the expected high efficiency and whether the effective processing time of the machine tool and the cutting tool can be extended.

The accuracy, dynamic balance, rigidity and clamping force of the toolholder are the main factors affecting the above effects. Therefore, it is necessary to select the proper tool holder system for high-speed machining among various toolholder systems. The concentricity and radial runout should be given priority when considering the standard of toolholder. The purpose of ensuring concentricity is to make the tool and spindle rotate correctly around the same axis, which is independent of the form of the spindle. According to different spindle standards, hippsc has developed independently bt-ger high-speed toolholder, bt-gsk high-speed toolholder, hsk-ger high-speed toolholder and hsk-gsk high-speed toolholder. These two different types of toolholder systems can meet the requirements of high-speed machining, and have been applied to the electronics, mold and auto parts industry, and achieved good machining results.

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