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How much do we know about the actual operation of spring chucks?

For the application of spring chuck in CNC lathe to be able to develop satisfactorily and improve the practical effect of application, the first step is to grasp the proper operation steps of the number of stools. According to the characteristics and functions of the spring chuck in CNC lathe, people know only, but how much do you know about its proper practical operation?

Professionals involved in this issue have given us a convincing explanation. Spring chuck of CNC lathe is usually unique in structure and widely used. When in use, the chuck is first placed in the pressure cover, and the clamping spring rotates slightly. When the eccentric part of the pressure cover is concave in the clamping spring groove, the clamping spring pushes uniformly along the arrow direction, causing the cone to rupture.

Spring chuck

But this kind of spring chuck of NC lathe only needs to move sliding sleeve, so that drilling holes and tapping sleeves can be quickly replaced. When drilling, the Morse sleeve is locked automatically; when tapping, the torque overload can slide smoothly to prevent the tap from breaking. In addition, when the tool is replaced, the cap is loosened with a wrench, the chuck and the tool are removed, the tool is removed, the chuck spring is pushed forcefully in the direction of the arrow, and then the chuck spring is replaced with another aperture as needed.

We all use spring chucks in our work, which can improve efficiency, so many manufacturers of numerical control chucks appear around us, its arrival has brought great convenience to our life.