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It is important to choose the right diameter of spring chuck

Spring chuck is one of the machine tool parts, which plays an important role in the whole system operation process. Although a part can not determine the overall performance, but it can better play the performance of the equipment. Professional spring chuck manufacturers can customize a variety of specifications and sizes of chucks, which can be processed according to different needs, mass customization, as long as If you can provide the relevant technical parameters, we can produce the high quality products you need according to the exact size.

Spring chuck

Planning and servicing of spring chucks is a wide field, which is in urgent need of a variety of bed feathers, and includes the products designed to reflect their different styles and characteristics with machine tools, so the total number has been quite a few. Only now there is a broad misconception that spring chucks are only used to clamp semi-products of cylindrical castings. This is not true, in fact, it can almost any shape of the workpiece (or tool), including square or hexagonal parts to expand the anchoring clamp.

Choosing suitable spring chuck should be named as diameter size. It is necessary for additional clamping force and reliable clamping to maintain high quality processing to educate the ancient brace of spring chuck for casting. As long as the nominal hole diameter of the spring chuck is too large, the casting is clamped by a pair of holes of the spring chuck, which will arouse the mismatch between the outer circle of the casting and the inner hole of the spring chuck, thus reducing the clamping force. For example, in case the nominal hole diameter of the chuck is too small, only the magnetic declination angle of the head is touched by the casting. Relatively speaking, the clamping force is superimposed, but the chuck and the workpiece are not the next topic. In a nominal size, it can expand clamps and solidify parts with the same nominal diameter.