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Matters needing attention in use of telescopic torque tapping tool holder


1. Telescopic mechanism of tapping toolholder
The tapping tool handle has its own telescopic mechanism. This is to prevent double screw and tap pitch and mechanical feed can be smooth synchronous. It must be used within the range of expansion and contraction.
① . excessive elongation
When the elongation limit is exceeded, the black mark will come out. Please speed up the feed rate of the machine tool

② . over compression
Machine tool feed faster than tap feed, compression mechanism action, please reduce the machine feed, not close.

2. When the bottom hole is small (when processing difficult cutting materials, the phenomenon of insufficient bottom hole hole is more), the torque protection mechanism makes the tap idle. In this case, do not adjust the torque (zk tapping sleeve), please enlarge the bottom hole.

3. During blind hole tapping, when the z-axis command of the program is too deep, when the spindle rotation stops, the hole bottom cannot be extended due to touching the bottom under the action of rotary force. When reverse, the original length which cannot be recovered at the exit is easy to touch the blind orifice. In this case, deepen the bottom hole or reduce the instruction value.

4. In the case of Z-type tapping toolholder, when the machine is fed in a fixed way, z-point reverses to start z-rise. The tapping toolholder is in the shortened state, and the z-axis rises, and the orifice is easy to contact with the tap. In this case, the z-point stops, and the tapping toolholder rises with the Z-axis in the extended state.

5. The repair cost of the tapping tool handle and the tapping sleeve, and the repair and inspection after the artificial damage and warranty period (basic cost).

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