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The optimum technology of tool holder can achieve twice the result with half the effort.


The choice of tool system is one of the important contents in the configuration of CNC machine tools, because tool system not only affects the production efficiency of CNC machine tools, but also directly affects the processing quality of parts. According to the performance of CNC machine tools and the characteristics of CNC processing technology, optimizing the tool and Tool Holder system can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
Classification of HSK commonly used in CNC machine tools: Compared with common processing methods, CNC machining requires more stringent requirements on tool stiffness, accuracy, durability and dynamic balance performance.
Choice of common TOOL HOLDER for CNC machine tools: the structure of tool holder. The structure of tool holder for NC machine tools can be divided into two types: integral mode and modular mode. The working part of the clamping tool of the integral tool holder is integrated with the handle used for fixing and positioning on the machine tool. This kind of tool holder has poor adaptability to the transformation of machine tools and parts.
So what is the effect of installation height on the accuracy of cylindrical processing?
If the datum size of tool alignment is larger than the large end size of cone, the whole cone section is undercut. The more to the small end, the more serious the undercut is, the greater the error is; on the contrary, the whole section is overcut. Through analysis, it can be seen that the tool size is chosen at the midpoint of taper and the shape error is the smallest.

By grinding the tool to increase the marking rake angle of the tool, the strength of the tool head will be weakened. By installing the tool slightly higher than the center to increase the work, both the strength of the tool and the cutting benefit can be ensured. When finishing, the tool usually chooses a slightly larger rear angle. When the tool is installed slightly higher, the friction between the back face and the workpiece will not affect the surface quality of the workpiece.

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