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What important problems can spring chuck solve?

The clamping structure of spring chuck is more important than that of metal workpiece machine tools, especially on bar automata, which has been widely used. However, some of their parts are often damaged, so the chance of a strike caused by the clamping organization of the Turing machine is often very small, so spring chuck is a key machine tool accessory in all parts of the clamping group.

It is interned under mild exercise conditions and determines the accuracy of grinding. Therefore, it is very important to confirm the basic parameters of spring chuck (number of lobes, cone angle, clamp and length of lobes) for its working ability.

Spring chuck

In practical application, if the scale of the workpiece is more cooperative, the processing speed of the application chuck will be slower and slower. If the change of workpiece size is relatively small, it may be more appropriate to use claw chuck. The grinding material type such as hot rolled steel, forgings and die parts, the standard claw chuck is often more limited, because the parts of this kind of material are difficult to have relatively small scale changes caused by cold deformation.

Therefore, cold roll material parts also have poor scale commonality, so it is suitable to clamp with tension spring clamp. In addition, non-circular blank parts can also be clamped with spring chucks, which can be used by designers as non-circular cross-section chucks to clamp the moulded bar to make the shape required by customers.