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Selection of lathe tool holder


CNC machining is more strict on the rigidity, accuracy, durability and dynamic balance performance of cutting tools. The selection of cutting tools should pay attention to the analysis of the structure and process of the workpiece, combined with the processing capacity of CNC machine tools, workpiece materials and process content and other factors. There are two kinds of structural forms of tool shank in CNC machine tools: integral type and modular type.

The working part of the clamping tool of the integrated tool handle is integrated with the handle for installation and positioning on the machine tool. This kind of tool handle has poor adaptability to the transformation between machine tool and parts. In order to adapt to the transformation of parts and machine tools, users must reserve various specifications of tool holders, so the utilization rate of tool holders is low. Modular tool system is a kind of advanced tool system, each handle of which can be assembled by a series of modules. According to different machining parts and machine tools, different assembly schemes can be adopted to obtain a variety of tool shank series, so as to improve the adaptability and utilization of tool shank.

The selection of the structural form of the handle should take into account the advanced technology and economic rationality:

1. For some simple tools that are used repeatedly for a long time and do not need to be assembled, it is appropriate to equip with integral tool handles to make the tools rigid and cheap (such as the end milling tool handles, Spring Collet tool handles and drill collet tool handles for machining the external contour of parts, etc.);

2. When machining many kinds and small batches of parts with frequently changing hole diameter and hole depth, modular tool shank should be selected to replace a large number of integral boring tool shanks and reduce the processing cost;

3. For many CNC machine tools, especially the spindle end of the machine tool and the tool changing manipulator are different, modular tool handle should be selected. Because the intermediate module (extension bar) and working module (tool loading module) used by each machine tool are universal, the investment of equipment can be greatly reduced and the utilization rate of tools can be improved. In order to improve the machining efficiency, it is necessary to select high efficiency cutting tools and tool holders as much as possible.

For example, the double-edged boring tool handle can be selected for rough boring, which can not only improve the machining efficiency, but also reduce the cutting vibration; the strong spring chuck can not only clamp the straight shank tool, but also clamp the hole tool through the extension bar. For the typical workpieces with large batch and complex machining, the composite cutter should be selected as much as possible. Although the price of composite cutter and Tool Holder is relatively expensive, the use of composite cutter in machining center can combine multiple processes into one process and be completed by one tool, which is conducive to reducing the processing time and the number of tool changes, and significantly improving the production efficiency. For some special parts, special designed compound shank can also be considered.

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